The One That Got Away

I have recently posted a new story entitled The One That Got Away, (see the short stories column to the left).

It is a simple tale of thwarted romance, between a glamour photographer and his model, set in Britain in the early 1960s, just before they became "swinging."

Kamera, the magazine referred to in the story, was published in Britain by its proprietor Harrison Marks from 1957 to 1968. Marks was originally a stand up comedian, half of a comedy duo called Harrison and Stuart, performing in music hall and variety theatre in the late 1940s and early 50s. Interested in photography, he began to take photographs of his fellow performers, one of whom was Norman Wisdom. When Wisdom starred in a West End revue based on the Folies Bergeres, Marks secured a job photographing the show girls. One of whom, Pamela Green, became his principal model, muse, lover and co-founder of Kamera magazine.

Another very popular model who regularly posed for Marks was June Palmer, who had originally danced at the Windmill Theatre.

There are a number of websites devoted to Marks, Green and Palmer (almost sounds like a 70's Rock band) as a quick internet search will reveal.


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