Oriental Vengeance

Captain Bill Rowden is almost ready to sign on again.

The first draft of the new novel (130,000 plus words) is complete and is now being revised and edited. The working title is Oriental Vengeance and a mock of up of a possible cover has been prepared. I hope to have the manuscript in its final form by the end of the year, with publication aimed for early 2020.

To whet your appetite; here is the brief synopsis.

November 1934, Britain is struggling from the depths of the Great Depression and Chief Mate Bill Rowden is in Barry, South Wales, unemployed and broke. Having beaten and robbed a vicious pimp in a fight over a girl, Rowden is desperate for a ship and signs aboard an ancient, rust-bucket tramp steamer bound for the Mediterranean. Learning that his predecessor has been injured and hospitalised, Rowden discovers he has joined a hell-ship, gradually uncovering a web of crime and brutality that severely tests his seamanship, courage and survival instincts.

Six years later, in November 1940, Britain stands alone against the Nazis and Captain Bill Rowden is in Liverpool preparing "Oriental Venture" to join an outbound convoy. The blitz is at its height, the Royal Navy is stretched to the limit and Hitler’s U-boats are enjoying their “Happy Time.”

Steaming into the depths of a North Atlantic winter, the convoy runs the gauntlet of bombers, wolf packs and foul weather before the ships are ordered to disperse and proceed unprotected. Keeping clear of the shipping lanes Rowden heads for Freetown, trusting to the vast empty reaches of the Atlantic for concealment. But old enemies and ghosts from his past are back to haunt him. With safety seemingly within their grasp, Rowden and his crew discover just how cruel the sea can be.

If you need further encouragement, you can read the first chapter here.


  1. Nope, don't need any further encouragement. Read Oriental Vagabonds, and have been waiting semi-patiently for the sequel ever since. You've been gone too long! I'll be there opening day, don't worry.


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