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Just a Typical Voyage

On 31 January 1975, I was detained at Lagos Airport.It was a flying version of a pierhead jump. I was on leave waiting for my next appointment, when a phone call from personnel informed me that ‘Post Runner', a Panocean chemical tanker was short of a third mate. As I had previous experience in chemical tankers (I had signed off ‘Post Champion’ the previous November) and I was immediately available I was told to pack my kit and head to the airport where a ticket would be waiting at the BA sales desk.With the ticket was a letter appointing me as Third Officer Operations, and I settled back in my VC 10 seat to enjoy the flight. The Immigration Officer was not impressed with me. He asked for the letter of authorisation. I produced my appointment letter. He waved it away in dismissal, called for some backup and hauled me away.After we had established the basics, that my name was Richard Regan, they could see that from my passport, and I had a letter of appointment to join ‘Post Runner’…

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