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The Royal George Hotel alias The Slip Inn

‘Listen, Captain, it’s coming up to noon, the sun’s well over the yardarm. Why don’t I shout you a beer at the Royal George. There’s usually one or two fellows there from the ships in Darling Harbour. Perhaps they’ll know of a third mate looking for a berth.’
With these words, the Branch Secretary of the Merchant Service Guild offers to help Captain Rowden, the master of the tramp steamer Oriental Venture in my novel Oriental Vagabonds, find a replacement for his third mate who has jumped ship in Sydney.
Rowden takes up the story.
It was cooler under the fans in the bar of the hotel. It was only a short walk along Sussex Street from the Guild’s office, but in my shore-going suit I was suffering in the fiery noonday heat. I gratefully removed my hat and mopped my brow with a large checkered handkerchief. It was lunchtime, and as a refuge for hot, thirsty men, the pub was doing a brisk trade. The Guild secretary slid some coins onto the zinc counter and returned with two large, frosted g…

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