About Me

Richard Regan joined the British Merchant Marine in 1970, at a time when the Red Ensign still flew at the stern of a quarter of the world’s shipping. Seeing service in freighters, tankers and passenger ships, followed by thirty-five years working ashore for shipping companies and shipbuilders, Richard has visited almost every corner of the globe, and has amassed a wealth of sights, settings, experiences and characters that are the inspiration for his writing. Oriental Vagabonds is his first novel, and while set a generation prior his own career, some of the ports and locations described had changed little when Richard first visited them, and the ageing tramp ship at the centre of the story is little different from one in which he twice circumnavigated the world. Richard now lives in Fremantle, Western Australia where he enjoys sailing his boat on the Swan River with his family, including Bosun their beagle, while maintaining his connection with the sea through regular cruises. Richard continues to write short fiction and non-fiction, and is currently working on his second novel, intended to be both prequel and sequel to Oriental Vagabonds.


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