Oriental Vagabonds

I have taken the plunge and independently published my first novel, Oriental Vagabonds, a tale of a Far East Tramp ship.

Set on the eve of World War 2, it tells the story of hard-bitten Skipper Bill Rowden and his vagabond crew, as they work their ageing tramp steamer around the treacherous waters of the Far East. Uncharted reefs, tropical storms, corrupt officials, smuggling and piracy are all in a day’s work to Rowden and his crew, which includes an embittered hard drinking aristocrat, a knife wielding Welshman and a hot-headed, hard-fisted Australian.

On what begins as a routine voyage to New Guinea, Rowden discovers an illegal shipment of arms concealed in his ship, setting off a chain of increasingly dangerous events that drag him unwittingly into the centre of Nazi, Soviet and British attempts to gain the upper hand, before war finally breaks out.

Entangled with Chinese warlords, triads and a beautiful Russian adventuress, Rowden narrowly escapes Shanghai before the bombs start to fall, but his enemies are closing in.  Deep in the Pacific, in a remote coral fringed lagoon, Rowden and his crew face a violent and explosive confrontation, with little more than fists and wits to keep them alive.

If you want to find out what happens, then the book is available from Amazon in Kindle (worldwide) and print formats (UK and US). Australian readers can also purchase the book from Underground Books whose review can be found here.


  1. Good day to you, Mr. Regan, and I hope it finds you well. I'm just dropping a comment to let you know that I have just finished your book, and I was blown away! I'll be putting together my review over the weekend, and also wanted to let you know that next Thursday (I'm on a regular schedule) I'll be promoting it vigorously on my author site, https://blimprider.com. As it happens, I sailed the Orient on the deck of a tanker in the late '60s, and I used that ambiance to help me write steampunk adventures aboard an airship. Okay, it isn't my purpose to spam your comment section, so feel free to delete this once you've taken the information aboard. I just wanted to say hello, and compliment you on a damned fine job; I enjoyed every minute of the reading, and am looking forward to the sequel. All the best to you going forward.

    1. Hi Jack, many thanks for this and for your review of the book. I am glad it resonated with you and I really appreciated your appraisal. I am working on the sequel, about half way through the first draft. Thanks again, Richard


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