Flash Fiction

The subject of our last Writer’s Group tutorial was Flash Fiction. In this case ultra-short stories of less than 100, 55 or 33 words.

Some very well-known authors have written Flash Fiction including: Ray Bradbury, Franz Kafka and Ernest Hemingway. At six words, the latter’s For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn must be one of, if not the, shortest, but most poignant.

One of our exercises was to write a 100 word or less short story choosing from the following prompts: Shadows, Flowers, Shimmer, Stealth, Jealousy, Cashew, Priest, Oil, Mother, Chevrolet, Champagne, Eggs, Parsley, Wool, Melbourne, Tiger, Keyring, Hamburger, Candlewax, Absolution and Coast.

We had about ten minutes to write our piece of Flash Fiction, using one of these prompts.

This was my effort.

Shadows, flowers, shimmer, stealth.
Jealousy will catch you and your wealth.
No Priest with Holy Oil, no Holy Mother will my vengeance stay.
I’ll take the Chevrolet,
Drink champagne, eat sturgeon eggs with parsley,
And you’ll pay.

I’ll wear wool for warmth in Melbourne,
Keep a Tiger burning bright.
You can keep the keyring,
Hold it tight.
Eat hamburger for dinner,
Burn candlewax for light.
You’ll get no absolution,
But I’ll be up the coast. All right?


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